BLOG POST 9—Marketing careers!

I had a lot of fun researching marketing careers and how many  jobs are available in my area. I started off looking at what career paths that marketing majors and public relations majors could lead to in terms of potential career paths. Marketing majors can be anything from event coordinators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, social media marketers, specialists.

While researching is fun, I thought I would write about myself and what I do at my job! I’m currently working as a photographer’s assistant for a photography franchise. The company targets at providing doing children’s portraits at daycare facilities and preschools. Since majority of preschoolers do not get traditional school portraits done, the company I work for strives to give infants to preschoolers an opportunity to have “school” portraits done, and save parents the hassle of finding a photographer and taking off work to do so. The company focuses on onsite photography, letting the kids being in a comfortable, familiar environment with their peers, teachers, and parents around too. We also make the outfits that are put over the children seem like it’s a game of “dress up”. The children have fun playing with the toys (props) provided, and enjoy the array of outfits they get to wear for portraits.

I recently got promoted to director of marketing/accounting. During my on-the-job training, I had to go around to different preschool and daycare facilities and brand the company to the directors. I had a portfolio, and organizer folder in hand that provided customers with brochures, examples of my work, and handouts. While most daycare facilities are contracted by LifeTouch (they normally do elementary, middle, and high schools), I had to stress how the company I work for gives high quality work at a lower cost. Also, directors and staff members enjoyed the fact the kids will view picture-taking as a playful experience that involves their friends and teachers.

After I visit potential clients, we exchange business cards, and I follow up with them after a 1 week to 2 week time frame. This gives them time to look over the handouts I gave them, yet stay in contact so they do not forget or lose interest.

Sometimes approaching people can be a little intimidating, but I have to remember they’re “regular” people just like me. I also realize that the worse thing anybody is going to tell me is “no”. So now that I know the worst-case scenario, I know that I can do my best to try and get them to hear me out without getting disappointed about rejection. I know that because I’m doing something I’m passionate about, I’m not nervous to approach people about photography and I don’t see it hard to put myself out there.


One day I plan to have my own photography services on a professional level. I’m a pretty organized person, and I envision things to go a certain way. I know that communication is key, and understanding different personalities and learning to work with different people play a key role in having a successful business. If I were to hire someone to work for me, I would want them to have a positive attitude and be willing to try new things, whether they succeed and fail. I also would like someone who dependable! That means being on time and true to their word.


Late — BLOG POST 8

Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs 


This video empowered me more than I expected it to… a video has never failed me, but Cameron Herold’s video hit home for me! I’m struggling to find out what I want to do out of life. I’m sure every college student—or any person for that matter—has this experienced this midlife crisis.

When I initially enrolled into Pierce, I wanted to do whatever it took to graduate fast: take at least 15 credits worth of classes, take 15 credits over the summer, take classes at odd hours just so I was able to have that course instead of wait a quarter to take it… I overworked myself. Now that i’m about to graduate, I see how much stress I put myself just to obtain my Associate’s Degree. But what really mattered to me is the professors at Pierce who shared their life stories in their classroom and how each and EVERY one of them took some sort of time off to live a little…and learn to find out what they were passionate about. Ms. Blume, a biology teacher, shared how she dropped out of college and joined the Peace Corps. She traveled to Africa and other parts of the world. My English teacher, Mrs. Pollard-Johnson, shared with her class how she did not use her degree until she was done having children, and now she teaches at 3 different education centers. These people—with Master’s Degrees—all took time away from academia and learned to find out what they truly wanted out of life.

That was the biggest lesson I learned while in college: take the time to find out what makes me passionate, then take action. I overworked myself these past 2 years of college, and for what? Now I don’t know what I want to pursue…I’m in between majors. And before, I was afraid of the ridicule I’d get from peers and elders about my indecisiveness. But now that I’ve grown into myself, I’ve learned to say that I don’t know what I want, with confidence. I explain that I would rather take time out to sit in different classrooms at potential universities to transfer to. I would rather intern or find jobs that interest me. I would rather get paid to learn something I want to learn, than to waste my money taking classes on a degree I’m not too sure about pursuing.

Herold’s video hit me emotionally because he explained how people shouldn’t be focusing on what children are bad at, but at what they are passionate about and what makes them happy. I feel as if it took me 20 years to come into terms that people can’t tell me to be a doctor, to be a lawyer, etc. I have to choose what I want to do. Herold explained how you have to think about what you wanted to do as a kid, and build children (and yourself) up on those values. I want to take time out to thank my Mom for letting me try every extra curricular activity out there, and once I found out that I have a passion for photography, to embrace it and give 100%. I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I do with my photography: I’m actively on social media sites promoting my photography skills and how I want to pursue that on a professional level, I’ve managed to get my name out there, and learn to lower my prices compared to the competition, yet I still make money. Because I’m not afraid of the steady paycheck, it makes me more determine to put myself out there because this is something I actually love doing.

I’m currently in between marketing and business degrees, because I want to make a long term goal of having my own business, and expanding that the base exchanges on military posts. That’s my long term goal. It’s not a dream…because I have plans to make this happen. Whenever I’m feeling down, I want to refer back to this video. I think other people whom share the passion for expanding their passions should watch it!

Jocelyn Marie Photography 

Quality is everything!

There are two places where I rarely go to: the Apple Store and The Nail Gallery on 176th and Meridan. I rarely go to the Apple Store because there is a Apple representative at the base exchange at McChord AFB. The only times I’ve had to schedule an appt at the Apple Store was for phone issues and troubleshooting. 

First off, Apple does an amazing job at making the experience of their store one to remember. They have MacBooks, Macs, iPads, and iPhones all set out so anybody is able to access the product, even surf the web, and relax in the store. Even though the store gets a little loud and crowded, the aisles are made big enough to have your own personal space, and there are chairs located in the waiting area as well as right in front of the store itself. One thing I love about shopping at the actual Apple Store versus distributing stores is that everything in their store has a one-year warranty on it. I have been buying Apple iPhone cords at Walmart and the BX (base exchange) for years and I go through them so quickly that I’m spending $20-$40 every few months. I found out that if I spend the same amount of money at the Apple Store, my iPhone cord can be replaced as many times as needed within that 1 year warranty. This notion of giving customers warranties on their products will save them money in the long run, which is great! I’ve also had to get my iPhone 5 replaced due to internal flaws, and I got a new iPhone 5 right then and there. It’s amazing how the store strives to give customers quality service. 


Another place that gives excellent service is The Nail Gallery on 176th and Meridian. It’s a locally-owned business that has had the best interior design and high-tech equipment I’ve ever seen….and the service is superb! I don’t get my nails done often, but when I want to splurge a little (and by the way they have great pricing!) I go to the Nail Gallery. The lighting in the spa area is dim, so it’s not harsh on the eyes. There’s privacy there and calm music is playing in the background. They also serve water, soft drinks, and wine for their customers to enjoy while sitting in a big cushioned massage chair. On top of the massage chair, each pedicure session comes with a massage! They massage from below the knee to the foot. I only expected to get my nails painted, but it turns out there’s a massage session included! I never went to a place that served me, had extra perks to relax me, and also get a quality nail job. When I moved across the country and would vacation up in Washington, I always made it a point to go to this spa!

Facebook ads are good, Pinterest is better

Facebook ads have brought a lot of media attention to Facebook users and giving them access to small businesses in their area. I know this because I have my own Facebook businesses and services page. There is an option on the business page to promote myself to viewers in my area (my picked topics that refer to my business are: photography, seattle, tacoma, engagement photos). Viewers whom search those topics in their area and have linked their location will come across my ad. 

Although Facebook ads are great and reliable, Facebook is coming short compared to Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter is becoming a great social media outlet for fast, quick news responses (whether it be CNN breaking news or the highlights of the Super Bowl). However, Pinterest is becoming the top site for sharing photos and sourcing credibility. Before, Pinterest used to be invite only where the majority of users were DIY crafters and aspiring photographers, but now the site holds fashion, recipes, photographer portfolios, as well as shared photos from the users. 

There’s more pressure on Facebook now more than ever as people are becoming used to newer, more innovative ways to share communication. Even though it’s still the tycoon on top, Facebook must keep itself ahead of the game. 


This is interesting news to my selected company, Ben & Jerry’s, because now there is an advatange as to where the company should focus it’s time and attention into: Pinterest. Ben  & Jerry’s does not have a Pinterest, but I sure do see photos of many types of ice creams and recipes on what to do with those ice cream flavors. 



Facebook Ad Clicks Set Record in Q4 2013, But Concerns Linger


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Ben & Jerry have enemies..

Who would have thought that Ben & Jerry’s had competitors out there trying to stand in the spotlight and get other people’s attention…


Well guess what. It’s true. Two of Ben & Jerry’s competitors happen to be Dreyer’s Ice Cream and Haagan Dazs. Both of these brands can be found at local grocery stores nationwide. The top things off, Haagan Dazs actual has parlor locations in malls around the country, being the a lead competitor with Ben & Jerry’s in terms of parlor activity.


Haagan Dazs

At a glance, Haagan Dazs has a better site layout. The top navigation menu is simple with drop down menus, making it easy for viewers to find resources at a faster rate. This is a disadvantage for mobile users because they are unable to hover over the links to access individual links on the drop down menu. Haagan Dazs also has a minimal look to their blog. I guess that goes along with their look. Haagan Dazs is speciality ice cream. It seems very sophisticated and rich. The website reflects that persona. The high quality pictures in the slideshow shows photos of ice cream compared to Ben & Jerry’s pint photos with a muffin top of ice cream coming out of the mouth of the pint.

On the contrary, Haagan Dazs only has two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. This limits the company on branding to their customers. Ben & Jerry’s has a Pinterest, Youtube channel, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. This just shows that Ben & Jerry’s has adapted to a more younger audience that is technologically advanced. 


Dreyer’s Ice Cream

Dreyer’s website looks very family oriented compared to Ben & Jerry’s and Haagan Dazs. This also reflects the low prices Dreyer’s has to offer along with good quality ice cream that can fit any budget. The size of the tub is bigger than that of Haagan Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s showing that this type of ice cream is made to be shared, not eaten individually. One problem I have with this site is the navigation. The font is in white color and the way to know you’re hovering over the site is that the words get bolded. It’s very hard on the eyes. I also never would have though that Dreyer’s would have a website, even though they are a staple item in the ice cream section in any grocery store. One thing that was different (but still do not work of me) was the socialize area of the site: a small newsfeed of all the Facebook posts. The widget is small, harder to read, and makes things more difficult on the website.