Ben & Jerry have enemies..

Who would have thought that Ben & Jerry’s had competitors out there trying to stand in the spotlight and get other people’s attention…


Well guess what. It’s true. Two of Ben & Jerry’s competitors happen to be Dreyer’s Ice Cream and Haagan Dazs. Both of these brands can be found at local grocery stores nationwide. The top things off, Haagan Dazs actual has parlor locations in malls around the country, being the a lead competitor with Ben & Jerry’s in terms of parlor activity.


Haagan Dazs

At a glance, Haagan Dazs has a better site layout. The top navigation menu is simple with drop down menus, making it easy for viewers to find resources at a faster rate. This is a disadvantage for mobile users because they are unable to hover over the links to access individual links on the drop down menu. Haagan Dazs also has a minimal look to their blog. I guess that goes along with their look. Haagan Dazs is speciality ice cream. It seems very sophisticated and rich. The website reflects that persona. The high quality pictures in the slideshow shows photos of ice cream compared to Ben & Jerry’s pint photos with a muffin top of ice cream coming out of the mouth of the pint.

On the contrary, Haagan Dazs only has two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. This limits the company on branding to their customers. Ben & Jerry’s has a Pinterest, Youtube channel, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. This just shows that Ben & Jerry’s has adapted to a more younger audience that is technologically advanced. 


Dreyer’s Ice Cream

Dreyer’s website looks very family oriented compared to Ben & Jerry’s and Haagan Dazs. This also reflects the low prices Dreyer’s has to offer along with good quality ice cream that can fit any budget. The size of the tub is bigger than that of Haagan Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s showing that this type of ice cream is made to be shared, not eaten individually. One problem I have with this site is the navigation. The font is in white color and the way to know you’re hovering over the site is that the words get bolded. It’s very hard on the eyes. I also never would have though that Dreyer’s would have a website, even though they are a staple item in the ice cream section in any grocery store. One thing that was different (but still do not work of me) was the socialize area of the site: a small newsfeed of all the Facebook posts. The widget is small, harder to read, and makes things more difficult on the website. 


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