Facebook ads are good, Pinterest is better

Facebook ads have brought a lot of media attention to Facebook users and giving them access to small businesses in their area. I know this because I have my own Facebook businesses and services page. There is an option on the business page to promote myself to viewers in my area (my picked topics that refer to my business are: photography, seattle, tacoma, engagement photos). Viewers whom search those topics in their area and have linked their location will come across my ad. 

Although Facebook ads are great and reliable, Facebook is coming short compared to Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter is becoming a great social media outlet for fast, quick news responses (whether it be CNN breaking news or the highlights of the Super Bowl). However, Pinterest is becoming the top site for sharing photos and sourcing credibility. Before, Pinterest used to be invite only where the majority of users were DIY crafters and aspiring photographers, but now the site holds fashion, recipes, photographer portfolios, as well as shared photos from the users. 

There’s more pressure on Facebook now more than ever as people are becoming used to newer, more innovative ways to share communication. Even though it’s still the tycoon on top, Facebook must keep itself ahead of the game. 


This is interesting news to my selected company, Ben & Jerry’s, because now there is an advatange as to where the company should focus it’s time and attention into: Pinterest. Ben  & Jerry’s does not have a Pinterest, but I sure do see photos of many types of ice creams and recipes on what to do with those ice cream flavors. 



Facebook Ad Clicks Set Record in Q4 2013, But Concerns Linger


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