Quality is everything!

There are two places where I rarely go to: the Apple Store and The Nail Gallery on 176th and Meridan. I rarely go to the Apple Store because there is a Apple representative at the base exchange at McChord AFB. The only times I’ve had to schedule an appt at the Apple Store was for phone issues and troubleshooting. 

First off, Apple does an amazing job at making the experience of their store one to remember. They have MacBooks, Macs, iPads, and iPhones all set out so anybody is able to access the product, even surf the web, and relax in the store. Even though the store gets a little loud and crowded, the aisles are made big enough to have your own personal space, and there are chairs located in the waiting area as well as right in front of the store itself. One thing I love about shopping at the actual Apple Store versus distributing stores is that everything in their store has a one-year warranty on it. I have been buying Apple iPhone cords at Walmart and the BX (base exchange) for years and I go through them so quickly that I’m spending $20-$40 every few months. I found out that if I spend the same amount of money at the Apple Store, my iPhone cord can be replaced as many times as needed within that 1 year warranty. This notion of giving customers warranties on their products will save them money in the long run, which is great! I’ve also had to get my iPhone 5 replaced due to internal flaws, and I got a new iPhone 5 right then and there. It’s amazing how the store strives to give customers quality service. 


Another place that gives excellent service is The Nail Gallery on 176th and Meridian. It’s a locally-owned business that has had the best interior design and high-tech equipment I’ve ever seen….and the service is superb! I don’t get my nails done often, but when I want to splurge a little (and by the way they have great pricing!) I go to the Nail Gallery. The lighting in the spa area is dim, so it’s not harsh on the eyes. There’s privacy there and calm music is playing in the background. They also serve water, soft drinks, and wine for their customers to enjoy while sitting in a big cushioned massage chair. On top of the massage chair, each pedicure session comes with a massage! They massage from below the knee to the foot. I only expected to get my nails painted, but it turns out there’s a massage session included! I never went to a place that served me, had extra perks to relax me, and also get a quality nail job. When I moved across the country and would vacation up in Washington, I always made it a point to go to this spa!


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