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Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs 


This video empowered me more than I expected it to… a video has never failed me, but Cameron Herold’s video hit home for me! I’m struggling to find out what I want to do out of life. I’m sure every college student—or any person for that matter—has this experienced this midlife crisis.

When I initially enrolled into Pierce, I wanted to do whatever it took to graduate fast: take at least 15 credits worth of classes, take 15 credits over the summer, take classes at odd hours just so I was able to have that course instead of wait a quarter to take it… I overworked myself. Now that i’m about to graduate, I see how much stress I put myself just to obtain my Associate’s Degree. But what really mattered to me is the professors at Pierce who shared their life stories in their classroom and how each and EVERY one of them took some sort of time off to live a little…and learn to find out what they were passionate about. Ms. Blume, a biology teacher, shared how she dropped out of college and joined the Peace Corps. She traveled to Africa and other parts of the world. My English teacher, Mrs. Pollard-Johnson, shared with her class how she did not use her degree until she was done having children, and now she teaches at 3 different education centers. These people—with Master’s Degrees—all took time away from academia and learned to find out what they truly wanted out of life.

That was the biggest lesson I learned while in college: take the time to find out what makes me passionate, then take action. I overworked myself these past 2 years of college, and for what? Now I don’t know what I want to pursue…I’m in between majors. And before, I was afraid of the ridicule I’d get from peers and elders about my indecisiveness. But now that I’ve grown into myself, I’ve learned to say that I don’t know what I want, with confidence. I explain that I would rather take time out to sit in different classrooms at potential universities to transfer to. I would rather intern or find jobs that interest me. I would rather get paid to learn something I want to learn, than to waste my money taking classes on a degree I’m not too sure about pursuing.

Herold’s video hit me emotionally because he explained how people shouldn’t be focusing on what children are bad at, but at what they are passionate about and what makes them happy. I feel as if it took me 20 years to come into terms that people can’t tell me to be a doctor, to be a lawyer, etc. I have to choose what I want to do. Herold explained how you have to think about what you wanted to do as a kid, and build children (and yourself) up on those values. I want to take time out to thank my Mom for letting me try every extra curricular activity out there, and once I found out that I have a passion for photography, to embrace it and give 100%. I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I do with my photography: I’m actively on social media sites promoting my photography skills and how I want to pursue that on a professional level, I’ve managed to get my name out there, and learn to lower my prices compared to the competition, yet I still make money. Because I’m not afraid of the steady paycheck, it makes me more determine to put myself out there because this is something I actually love doing.

I’m currently in between marketing and business degrees, because I want to make a long term goal of having my own business, and expanding that the base exchanges on military posts. That’s my long term goal. It’s not a dream…because I have plans to make this happen. Whenever I’m feeling down, I want to refer back to this video. I think other people whom share the passion for expanding their passions should watch it!

Jocelyn Marie Photography 


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