• What has been the biggest challenge of writing a blog this quarter? 

Overall, I enjoyed the blog post aspect of this online classroom. While I thought there was going to be more involvement with peers and reading blog postings, I still enjoyed using the blog as a formal journal for this class. The biggest challenge I had while writing on a blog was meeting due dates. I know in the beginning of the course, I was not on top of my due dates and it threw me off the first week or so of the class. 

  • What did you learn from the experience of blogging that you think will be useful to you in the future?

While I already love blogging, I feel as if I enjoyed the blog aspect of BUS 135 in terms of having another way to do homework. Formal papers and discussion boards are fun, but having an assignment due in a different setting makes a difference. I felt as if I was able to express myself better in the blog atmosphere. I am also taking a digital design course along with this business marketing course, so using both and learning about in academia has given me more confidence and knowledge to work WordPress for my own benefits. I’m planning on working on my photography page (but have not decided to put money down on a domain). I initially took these courses to see which WordPress site I enjoyed more, and I know that taking courses using the blog setting will help me pursue my photography passion. I am really excited to have the time (and knowledge!!!!) to work on my photography blog and put myself out there for all to see.